Campaigns and Policy Influencing

Oxfam in Asia - Campaigns and Policy Influencing

Oxfam in Asia : Campaigns and Policy Influencing Programme

We amplify the voices of the vulnerable. 

While Oxfam works to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, we also campaign to tackle the causes of it, too.

In Asia and across the world, Oxfam challenges those who would abuse or mismanage their own power. We campaign to change bad policies and bad practices. Our guiding principle is to empower people to speak out and claim their rights. 

Oxfam's Campaigns in Asia

Our campaigns are built and backed up by real life evidence from our long-term development and emergency work. 

We fight against the worsening inequality in Asia

In Asia, Oxfam's Even it Up Campaign influences governments, regional institutions, international organizations, women's rights groups, and civil society organizations in reducing the worsening inequality in the region. We advocate for policies that champion labour rights, fair work, and living wages. Join us.

We advocate to protect the people in Asia who grow the food on our tables

The Asia GROW Campaign amplifies the voices of the people who grow, catch, and process the food we buy and eat. Oxfam advocates for policies and practices that would ensure they are able to claim power in the way their countries manage land, water, and climate change, so that they are able to form their way out of poverty. Join us.

We campaign to end violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls is a hidden global crisis. It knows no boundaries of geography or culture. Oxfam's ENOUGH Campaign aims to challenge and replace the long held misconception that men are superior to women and girls. In Asia, we support individuals and communities to understand the drivers of violence, and build their capacity to say “Enough” to harmful attitudes and behaviors. We work to ensure women’s rights organizations and movements are supported. We advocate for policies aimed at ending violence against women and girls. Join us.