ENOUGH Campaign in Asia

Every day, everywhere, all over the world, women and girls face violence.

This ranges from emotional and psychological to physical and sexual. It is rooted in the gender inequality and discrimination they face all their lives. It can start from being denied a basic education and can lead to being killed to preserve the ‘honour of the community’.

Women and girls face violence at home, in the street, at work, at play, at rest. At least one in three women will experience some form of violence during their lifetime—that’s more than one billion women worldwide.

We know this. We see this. So why don’t we act against it?

Some believe that violence within a household is not their business and they cannot interfere. Some believe that violence toward women and girls is justifiable and in many instances, even normal or acceptable. Many know that it isn’t but they don’t speak out because they don’t want to lose their status, whether at work, in the local community, or even in the family.

This has to change.

Oxfam's Campaign on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

ENOUGH is a worldwide campaign that has sparked a movement against violence towards women and girls, to address negative social norms in their specific contexts.

Our goal is to change widely accepted and harmful social norms that too often justify violence against women and girls to ones that promote gender equality and non-violence.

The campaign brings people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds together; to transform the normal. It works to challenge and make us reflect on our own behaviour, supports ordinary people to speak out against violence and present alternatives to harmful norms.

Social media campaigns, art, music, workshops and positive aspirational messages encourage people to think and talk about harmful social norms and the potential damage they can do.

Through ENOUGH, we talk to everyone around us, neighbours, friends, colleagues, about the power men have over women and how they use it. We call on our governments, law-makers and institutions to ensure their policies and practice work towards resetting this imbalance of power.

And we believe this will challenge the status quo.

Stand up with us and say ENOUGH!

Together we can replace harmful beliefs with new ones that promote a gender-equal world, where everyone’s rights are respected and upheld. Stand up and change the social norms that allow violence against women and girls. Stand up and say ENOUGH.

Visit www.sayenoughtoviolence.org where you can read and share stories of how women and men across the world are standing up and saying ‘Enough’. 

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