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Oxfam in Asia - What We Do

Asia has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But the ever-widening gap between rich and poor is a stark reminder that our region is still home to two-thirds of the world's poorest people. 

Even though countries in Asia are making good progress in growing its economies and reducing its poverty rates, the poor will remain poor, if inequality, social exclusion and vulnerability still exist. Climate change, poor governance, and humanitarian crises due to conflict, are also shaking Asia’s stability. Natural disasters and water shortages have increased, resulting to unhealthy competition for natural resources.

Two thirds of the poor in Asia are women. Yet, women’s voices remain under-represented in decision-making socially, politically and economically, at all levels. That is why women’s rights are at the heart of everything we do. 

Oxfam is committed to addressing the root causes of poverty in Asia.

Our goal is to bring about a kind of change that will allow all women and men in our side of the world, to participate and enjoy the rightful benefits of Asia’s economic growth in a sustainable way.

Oxfam’s vision is that women will gain more power over their lives and live free from violence. We focus on building women’s leadership and participation in all areas that affect their lives – be it political, economic and social – so that they have a chance to influence the decisions and policies that address their specific needs, as part of decision-making on all poverty-related issues.

Photo credit: Bekki Frost/Oxfam

We provide life-saving essentials in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and to people affected by conflict.

Asia Resilience Hub

Through Oxfam’s global network, technical expertise, and knowledge, we aim to support in making Asia resilient to disasters, the best way possible.

Oxfam Campaigns and Policy Influencing | Photo credit: Tiara Audina/Oxfam

We amplify the voices of the vulnerable. We challenge those who would abuse or mismanage their own power. We campaign to change bad policy and bad practice....

Oxfam | Mekong Extractive Industry Programme

Our goal is to ensure that vulnerable communities affected by mineral mining and national hydrocarbon exploitation will have exercised their right to sustainable livelihood.

Photo credit: Savann Ouerm/Oxfam

We aim to strengthen civil society and empower communities, so that more farmers and fisherfolk in the Mekong region will fully realize their rights to secure and sustainable livelihoods....


GRAISEA, a regional programme funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, aims to overcome barriers to development through responsible, gender transformative value chains and private sector investments.