Asia GROW Campaign

People who grow our food are the very same ones who go to bed hungry. We need to address the broken food system here in Asia.

Climate change has worsened the livelihoods of many small-scale farmers and fisherfolks in Asia. Rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions are leaving them with lesser and lesser harvests, and without enough food on their own tables. 

The Asia GROW Campaign amplifies the voices of the people who grow our food. We advocate for policies and practices that would ensure that people living in poverty, especially women, claim power in the way their countries manage land, water and climate change, so that they can grow and buy enough food to eat – now and in the future.

Empowering Asian Women Farmers

We empower vulnerable farmers, fisher folks, rural women and indigenous peoples to exercise their rights, and jointly voice their concerns about the impacts of current policies and practices on their food and livelihood security.

Regional Stakeholders Engagement

We push for better policies on agriculture, the environment, and bring back control over food production, from the big agri-businesses to the hands of smallholder farmers, fisher folks, rural women, and indigenous peoples.

Fight for Land Rights

We support communities and people affected by land grabbing, especially those who are pushed off by giant corporations. We call on government and companies to put a stop to land grabbing. We push for regulations that ensure that investments also benefit, and do not harm communities.

Fight for Climate Adaptation in Asia

We push for global climate deal that demand huge emission cuts from developed countries, and for developed countries to also provide necessary technology and finance, to support adaptation projects of communities that are most affected by climate change.

Advocating for sustainable agriculture

Together with local farming communities, we call on Asian governments to invest in sustainable production in agriculture.

Join us in standing with the people #BehindThePrice

Human suffering should never be an ingredient in the food we eat. 

In Asia and around the world, millions of farmers and workers who produce our food are forced to work long hours in inhumane conditions. The burden of this injustice falls more heavily on women, who are discriminated against, paid less than men, and denied the same basic human and legal rights.

This has to stop. Pledge to stand with the people #BehindThePrice and to call for:

  • An end to inhumane and dangerous working conditions
  • Fair pay
  • Safe and decent work for women

Together, we can end the human suffering behind the food we all eat. 

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Stand with the people who grow and produce the food on our tables. Join us in campaigning for policies to end human suffering behind the food we eat at