Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response

Oxfam in Asia Programmes - Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response

Oxfam in Asia : Humanitarian and Disaster Response Programme

We help people caught up in natural disasters and conflicts in Asia and across the world with clean water, food, sanitation and protection.

At any given time, Oxfam responds to emergencies in Asia and other parts of the world. Oxfam's humanitarian response provides life-saving essentials in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. We are present on the ground, helping communities affected by conflict and crisis. In the longer term, we support them to recover and make a living for themselves and their families.

We also work hard to encourage world leaders and policymakers to bring about the kind of change needed to improve the lives of those affected by disasters, conflict, and emergencies.

Oxfam’s humanitarian principles are based on upholding human rights. We follow international guidelines; we are impartial. Oxfam in Asia and across the world provides humanitarian aid based on need, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability or age. We are independent of governments and political organizations. Increasingly, we are supporting local humanitarian actors to take the lead in responding to emergencies in their own countries.

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Oxfam Asia Response Team (ART)

The Asian region has the highest number of disasters and disaster-affected people in the world. To meet the humanitarian needs in the region, Oxfam needs a strong humanitarian preparedness plan that would ensure the delivery of fast, effective and contextually appropriate responses to disaster-affected communities. This includes the ability to quickly increase the availability of Oxfam responders in the event of a disaster.

Through Oxfam's Asia Humanitarian Surge Mechanism, we ensure quick and effective mobilization of the appropriate human resources for humanitarian responses. The Asia Response Team (ART) provides support to Oxfam country teams during large humanitarian responses. The ART is made up of up to 30 well-trained Oxfam women and men with diverse expertise who can be relied upon for swift and responsive humanitarian surge capacity to Oxfam country teams in Asia within 72 hours upon request to:

  • Conduct rapid assessments anywhere in South and Southeast Asia within the first phase of an emergency
  • Design, set up, and implement emergency responses with a focus on food security and livelihoods, public health, and humanitarian advocacy
  • Integrate gender protection and beneficiary accountability in program design and implementation
  • Prepare, plan, and manage the handover of activities to the country team and work closely with partners

Oxfam ART is now also part of the Asia Surge InterAgency (ASIA) Platform, formed in March 2018 as part of the exit strategy of the Transforming Surge Capacity (TSC) project that has been implemented since 2015 in Asia and funded by START Network. This platform is formed by nine international aid agencies, collaborating to enhance surge capacity across Asia – linking national and regional exchange – to make humanitarian responses in the region more efficient and effective. Through ASIA Platform, Oxfam works alongside other humanitarian responders from ActionAid, CARE, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief, Muslime Aid, Plan International, Save the Children, and World Vision.