Inclusion Project - Phase 2: Mekong Regional Water Governance Programme (MRWGP) (2020 - 2024)

A group of indigenous women and men in Brao ethnicity are traveling by boat to join the traditional ritual ceremony. (Oxfam)

The Inclusion Project - Phase 2 works with vulnerable communities and civil society to ensure continued access to essential river resources for their livelihoods, health and well-being, and is a continuation of Phase 1, which ran from 2014 to 2020. The project is built upon the achievements, recommendations and priorities of the project partners, and continues to support civil society actors in each country and at the regional level to engage in dialogue with and influence decision- and policy-making bodies.


  • Promote the leadership roles of women and representatives of marginalised social groups in influencing national and regional state and non-state actors in water resource governance (WRG) and energy policy and planning processes.
  • Enhance the engagement of riverine communities and civil society actors in influencing national and regional water resource governance and renewable energy (RE) policy, and promote the interests and rights of vulnerable social groups.
  • Increase compliance of target government and private sector actors at the national and regional levels with international standards and best practice for: the protection of human rights; social and ecological sustainability; gender equality and inclusion; and engagement with and inclusion of the perspectives of civil society in hydropower and RE policies and plans.


Target and Beneficiaries

Affected communities (with a focus on vulnerable groups: women, indigenous people, people with disabilities); hydropower companies and RE companies; the media and the general public.

Implementing partners


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