Oxfam in Asia - Cambodia - Five Year Social Protection Program

Oxfam in Cambodia launches Inclusive and Equitable Social Protection for Marginalized Workers in ASEAN Program aimed to promote decent work, reduce poverty, and increase inclusive development....

Oxfam in Asia - Cambodia - Building Community Fisheries to Safeguard Livelihood and Fish Stocks

A mega hydropower dam on a fragile river in norther Cambodia threatens fish stocks and the indigenous communities that depend on them.

Oxfam in Asia - Water Governance - Regional Forum for Gender Equity and Women's Leadership in Water Resource Management of the Mekong

In the Mekong, the role of women in decision making in water resource management is still very limited even though they are responsible for water fetching, food production and family subsistence.

Oxfam in Asia - Bangladesh - Surviving Daily Life Inside a Refugee Camp

As more and more Rohingya refugees arrive, so do the needs. Women, girls, and nursing mothers are particularly vulnerable and need to be protected....

Oxfam in Asia - Bangladesh - Road to Resilience - A success to be replicated

Building flood-resistant tube wells for communities most affected by floodings in Bangladesh.

Oxfam in Asia - Vietnam - Meet the Inequality Fighters

Oanh wanted to make this film because she wants to speak out about the vicious cycle of economic inequality and poverty in Vietnam.

Oxfam in Asia - Stories - Timor Leste - Weathering Climate Change in Timor Leste

Watch our short film that shows the human face of climate change adaptation in Timor-Leste....

Oxfam in Asia - Timor Leste - Moving to a better future

Since 2004, Oxfam has been introducing the concept of savings groups in Timor-Leste. ...

Oxfam in Asia - Publications - Nepal - Making Income through Homemade Napkins

Oxfam in Nepal and its partner, Unification Nepal, train women on Menstrual Hygiene Management....