Oxfam - Cox's Bazar - Rohingya refugees: Working for Peace, Longing for Home
Two years is a long time for lives to be left on hold, and for many Rohingya, this has been the case for even longer.
Honor and Appreciation for Humanitarians in Myanmar
Oxfam, together with women humanitarian leaders, deliver much-needed aid assistance in camps a few kilometers outside the town of Sittwe in Rakhine State.
Oxfam in Cambodia - Chhin Saren

An integrated approach to a family farm increases income and turns a shy farmer into a teacher for the community

By Chris Hufstader | June 2019

In the dry winter months in Pursat province, the rice fields lie flat,...

Oxfam in Asia - Rice Report Blog 2019
90 percent of the world’s rice is grown in Asia, but things are getting worse for the 400 million rice farmers in the region.
Water Governance Training
WBAB, with support from Oxfam, is working to address water governance issues, participating in capacity building training and learning exchanges in Asia.

I am sitting in the Secretariat room of the Women and Rivers Congress here in Nagarkot, Nepal and I have snatched 5 minutes to reflect on why I am here and what is about to happen. It’s the last few hours before the Congress officially starts and over 95 women participants (with a few male...

Oxfam - Forum theatre, community street performance, youth empowerment, water governance
Oxfam supports and trains nine 'Jokers' in the Mekong region since 2015 as part of its Forum Theatre program.
Oxfam - The World Bank meets in Indonesia, days after the ominous wake-up call of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1.5 degrees report.  From prolonged droughts in Afghanistan to floods across the entirety of South Asia and mega typhoons in the Philippines, Asia has felt the brunt of climate change firsthand. The number of disasters in the region continues to increase both in quantity and devastation, leaving millions of women, men, and children without food and water and displaced from t
The number of disasters in Asia continues to increase both in quantity and devastation, leaving millions without food and water and displaced from their homes. We’re less than a half a degree away from a catastrophe of unimaginable scale.
Oxfam’s regional partners present Disability Inclusion(DI) action plan and checklist in Chiang Mai: Photo: Saneth Meas/Oxfam
Learning from the Disability Inclusion into Water Governance training organised by Oxfam Mekong Regional Water Governance Program (MRWGP) and EarthRights International (ERI) last 27th-28th August 2018.
Oxfam in Asia - Inclusive business, the future of ASEAN
ASEAN leaders and business leaders gather in Hanoi to talk about inclusive growth for Asia. Oxfam advocates for a future where businesses go beyond just profit maximization, rather, pursue both financial sustainability and social wellbeing.


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