Meet the Inequality Fighters – Oanh from Vietnam

As of 2015, Asia's richest 1% own 41% of the region's total wealth. The super-rich have done very well out of an economic system that favors the few and leaves too many others behind. Oxfam calls on governments and businesses in Asia to put a stop to this worsening inequality.

Oanh wanted to make this film because she wants to speak out about the vicious cycle of economic inequality and poverty. 

People like Oanh live with the realities of inequality everyday. Oanh is 27 years old and lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, with her partner. Vietnam’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years, but people like Oanh haven’t fully benefitted from it. While the richest Vietnamese can afford world-class healthcare, Oanh and others are pushed further into poverty through out of pocket payments that their health insurance doesn’t cover. This widens the gap between the rich and the rest even further. It also means that Oanh often isn’t healthy enough to get a secure job, that could help her cover basic costs, and she isn’t always well enough to work as much as she wants.

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