Securing Local Governments' Commitments in Transboundary Water Governance

The Dhangadi Declaration in Nepal

The Mahakali river, Nepal. Photo: Oxfam in Nepal
Paper author: 
Sameer Singh
Paper publication date: 
Thursday, November 12, 2020

TROSA began work in the Mahakali basin in 2017 with local partners (NEEDS, RUDWUC, RUDES, and Sankalpa) with the aim of increasing access, rights to and control of water resources of the local riparian communities. The project envisaged positive change at national levels to be stimulated by successful examples of working across scales from local to district to national levels by working with policy champions and creating safe spaces for dialogues and garnering government commitment and ownership.

The Dhangadi Declaration (21st March 2018) is one such commitment secured at the sub-national level in Nepal which presents a potential segue into transboundary and basin level commitments for inclusive water governance initiatives. The priorities within the declarations were unanimously set by all concerned stakeholders.