Umngot river, Meghalaya, India. Photo: IUCN Asia

Dialogue series identifies Nature-based Solution to help address water management challenges in the GBM River Basin. Young professionals recognized.

TROSA partner IUCN Asia facilitated series of online dialogues on Nature-based Solutions with the support of the GBM CSO Network. The events participated by more than 150 participants from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), academic institutions, private sector, including young water professionals highlighted the role of NBs in addressing water management challenges in the GBM River Basin, by sharing learnings and successful experiences from the CSO initiatives.

For example, in Datia Watershed, located in the semi-arid region of Bundelkhand in India, one of the members of the GBM CSO Network from India, Development Alternative, implemented participatory watershed management to address the socio-ecological vulnerability of local communities.

The GBM Basin is prone to natural disasters, such as droughts and floods. Within the first few weeks of the monsoon in 2020, hundreds had died and many more displaced due to flooding. In Nepal, landslides killed more than 120 people in the first six months of 2020 and still counting.

The dialogues highlighted the need for NBs employ a cluster-based approach which requires working across generations, and moving away from site-based to systems based to address multiple societal-challenges and harnessing the nature’s resources to address these challenges. 

In that context, youth engagement is therefore an important aspect of NbS. Youth can support the localization of global best practices by generating information on local context and cultural sensitivities and also by advocating for NbS mainstreaming at the local level. 

The dialogue provided opportunity for young water professionals to present their work on NbS application. Three young water professionals from Bangladesh, India and Nepal shared their experiences, particularly in addressing specific societal challenges such as riverbank erosion and food security for farmers. The three young water professional are winners of NbS poster competition facilitated by IUCN under TROSA in June 2020. The winners will receive funding to participate in the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Marseille, France, to be held in 2021 and will share their NbS experiences with the global audience.       

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Author and more information: Vishwa Ranjan Sinha, IUCN Asia