Rohingya Realities; Rohingya Futures


Oxfam International is seeking submissions from Rohingya artists that relate to the theme “Rohingya Realities; Rohingya Futures.” We are looking for artwork that illustrates your answers to any of the following questions: What is important to you in your day to day life and why? What does your daily reality look and feel like? What does a better future look like to you?

Oxfam International wants to celebrate and highlight the work of Rohingya artists on our social media channels throughout August 2020 and beyond.

The news is often focused on the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis, including the ongoing exile of more than 700,000 people who fled across the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh three years ago this August. However, the perspectives, experiences and hopes of Rohingya people themselves are not often heard. As Oxfam, we want to change this. We are engaged in a range of efforts that seek to amplify the voices of Rohingya and this initiative is an opportunity to share different Rohingya perspectives on their present realities and their future aspirations through art.

We are inviting all Rohingya artists, be they residing in Myanmar, Bangladesh or another country, to submit by August 14th 2020 a maximum of 2 original creative pieces that fit with the theme of “Rohingya Realities; Rohingya Futures”. All submissions must be sent to and meet the requirements outlined below, including a description of the artwork and the artist (as outlined in the section “How to Apply”) We strongly encourage submissions from Rohingya women artists.

Oxfam will select 10 winning submissions. These submissions will be showcased and shared on Oxfam International’s website and social media channels and used in support of awareness raising efforts about the Rohingya crisis, which may include art exhibitions and other events.

Who can submit entries?

Any Rohingya artist who is willing to have their original creative work shared through Oxfam social media channels, website and other public forums.

How will winning submissions be selected?

An Oxfam committee will select the winning submissions based on the following criteria:

  • How submissions tell a compelling story or share an important perspective related to the theme of ‘Rohingya Realities; Rohingya Futures”.
  • Is aesthetically powerful and aligns with Oxfam’s values.
  • Reflects a diversity of submissions in terms of style and form of the pieces as well as gender and geographic location of the artists. We strongly encourage Rohingya women to make a submission.

What will selected recepients receive?

Oxfam will select 10 original submissions by Rohingya artists for inclusion in this project based on the criteria above. The selected artists will have their creative pieces showcased and promoted on Oxfam websites and social media channels as well as via other public forums (including art exhibitions and events).

How will the winning entries be used?

Your piece of art and the description shared may be used to support Oxfam’s awareness-raising and public engagement efforts related to the Rohingya crisis and to help raise money so it can continue its work. It may be used by other Oxfam offices and confederation members around the world or by other organizations we work with. Your work and description could appear on websites, on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), in a report or via media (including newspapers, radio, television).

How to join?

Each artist is allowed to enter a maximum of two submissions that fit within the theme “Rohingya realities, Rohingya futures”.

Each submission must include:

  • A short description of what the artwork means to the artist, how it relates to the theme and why the artist was inspired to create the artwork
  • A short description or biography of the artist (this can be recorded in Rohingya language or written in Myanmar or English languages.) Please be aware that selected submissions and accompanying information will be shared publicly. If you do not feel safe to use your real name publicly, including on social media, please also submit a pseudonym for public use.
  • Contact information for the artist, including email and telephone number