This page can contain as much text as you feel it needs to describe your accountability in [COUNTRY].

You must add: a main image, a summary image and summary text of no more than 50 words.

Use subheadings to divide up long text (Heading 3

or Heading 2 between photographs in a photo story).

The accountability page should show the following things: 

1) Your income and expenditure. Including where the money comes from.

2) Your annual report (if you have one).

3) The partners you work with in [COUNTRY]

Documents can be uploaded to the page using the file uploads function and will appear at the top right of the text. 

You can also embed media from a third party tool such as issuu - so people can look through the document online.

You should add 3 to 5 metatags to this content, using the 'tags' function on the page.