Sunda Strait Tsunami Response

Indonesia Sunda Strait Tsunami Aftermath

Indonesia Sunda Strait Tsunami Aftermath

"Thousands of people are housed in makeshift camps, and they need aid urgently including clean drinking water, food, and sanitary supplies. We also need to pay special attention to the safety needs of women and children."
Dino Argianto
Oxfam’s operations lead

On Saturday 22 December, a devastating tsunami struck the islands in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, especially the Pandenglang area, South Lampung and Serang, following a deep-sea volcano eruption. It has reportedly killed 430 people, injured hundreds more and displaced more than 11,000 from their homes.

Oxfam and our partners are coordinating with Indonesian authorities and other humanitarian agencies in order to rapidly assess needs and get help where it’s needed quickly. We will be providing clean water, building toilets, and distributing hygiene kits that include blankets and soap.

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