The Covid-19 pandemic and the current challenges brought on by global as well as regional politics and economics has exerted substantial pressures and delays in ensuring proper coordination and opportunities to identify approaches that can provide breakthroughs for long-term solutions to governing...
At Tanakpur Barrage, Nepal
Rashila.jpg Rashila is the Assistant Professor, Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. In 2017, TROSA supported a study on the role of institutions in enhancing the capacities of marginalized communities in Nepal’s Mahakali basin. A team of researchers conducted...
The Mahakali river, Nepal. Photo: Oxfam in Nepal
TROSA began work in the Mahakali basin in 2017 with local partners (NEEDS, RUDWUC, RUDES, and Sankalpa) with the aim of increasing access, rights to and control of water resources of the local riparian communities. The project envisaged positive change at national levels to be stimulated by...
Local women from TROSA supported Women Empowerment Centers (WECs) test the water quality of the Mahakali river in far-western Nepal. Photo: Kamal Rawal RUWDUC Nepal
Across South Asia’s transboundary river basins – the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM), and the Salween in Myanmar, we supported projects bringing together civil society, the scientific community, and policymakers to collaborate in novel ways to inform river governance related policies. At the center...
E-Winter School on Inclusive Water Governance
TROSA organized an online Winter School in September with an aim to familiarize and encourage youth participation in transboundary water governance by facilitating interdisciplinary conversation and discourse in South Asia. The Winter School was jointly organized by South Asian University (SAU),...
Oxfam - Nepal - Citizen Science - Building Evidence
When informed citizens become active advocates, it can create windows for change and strong political will for improved policies. In Nepal’s Mahakali region, women in communities are helping gather scientific data and build evidence to inform better policies for water-related issues.
Fighting Inequality in Nepal: The Road to Prosperity
This report seeks to take stock of the context and drivers of inequality in Nepal, and offer evidence-based recommendations that can support the government’s commitment to tackling inequality.
This is a collection of a few stories that show that Oxfam in Nepal has been able to bring changes in people's lives. Included in this booklet are also pictures of the people who we have worked with, and some national and international news coverage about our interventions.
Oxfam in Asia - Publications - Nepal - Making Income through Homemade Napkins
Oxfam in Nepal and its partner, Unification Nepal, train women on Menstrual Hygiene Management.
Oxfam in Asia - Publications - Nepal - Training Skilled Masons for Reconstruction
Oxfam in Nepal and its partner, Sahayata Samajik Sanstha, organized a 50-day On the Job Training (OJT) on masonry as part of its rehabilitation efforts after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
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