Responding to the unfolding political crisis in Myanmar, Oxfam International’s Executive Director Gabriela Bucher said: “Oxfam is deeply concerned about the impacts of the military coup on the people of Myanmar. We see basic rights already coming under intense pressure and are concerned to see that...
Daw Lar Lake - An ecologically important wetland. Daw Lar Lake is situated on the western bank of the Salween River in the Karen State of Myanmar and is a seasonally river-fed wetland complex. Roughly 26 sq. km in size, it is the largest freshwater lake in Karen State, Myanmar and its unique...
Honor and Appreciation for Humanitarians in Myanmar
Oxfam, together with women humanitarian leaders, deliver much-needed aid assistance in camps a few kilometers outside the town of Sittwe in Rakhine State.
women leader, water governance, Salween River
But despite these challenges, Daw Aye didn’t give up. She did her best to ignore the abuse and focused instead on helping others in her community. When she connected with KMF in 2014, things really started to turn around. Oxfam partners with KMF in Myanmar to implement the Water Governance program...
Oxfam in Asia - Myanmar - Livelihoods in Peril: Fisherfolk and Farmers in Salween River Industrial Projects
Oxfam and its partner Karen Environment and Social Action Network (KESAN) visited some of the villages along Salween River, to hear from community leaders how the industrial projects – which are being developed along the banks of the river – are affecting their lives.
Oxfam in Asia - Publications - Myanmar - Responsible Investment in Myanmar
Oxfam's 2017 report drawing on evidence from the South-East Asia region to explore the wider social and environmental impacts of Special Economic Zones, with case studies from Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.
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