Win-Win-Win: Influencing for Gender-transformative Businesses in South and South East Asia

Oxfam in Asia - GRAISEA Programme - Influencing for Gender Transformative Businesses in South and Southeast Asia
Paper author: 
Sarah Barakat, Roxanne Abdulali, Kimberly Bowman
Paper publication date: 
Monday, July 10, 2017

Oxfam, through the Gender Transformative and Responsible Business Investment in South-East Asia (GRAISEA) Programme, aims to improve livelihoods of women and men small-scale producers in South and South-East Asia.

It is based on the recognition that financial viability and gender equitable and sustainable supply chains are not mutually exclusive, and that win-win-win propositions are possible: wins for communities, for women and men small-scale producers, and for larger businesses.

GRAISEA focuses on the palm oil, aquaculture and rice value chains and is implemented in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan, and includes a strong regional component. Indeed, while Oxfam engages in multiple countries across the region, power analyses reflect the need to develop regional influencing interventions targeting: a) ASEAN, for promotion and implementation of regional policies and regulations on commodities and issues of regional significance; and b) private sector companies with a regional footprint, for increased understanding of CSR and responsible business models.

This document particularly focuses on how the Oxfam programme, funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, has influenced others for gender-transformative business investments.