Oxfam stands with civil society and the people of Myanmar

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Responding to the unfolding political crisis in Myanmar, Oxfam International’s Executive Director Gabriela Bucher said:

“Oxfam is deeply concerned about the impacts of the military coup on the people of Myanmar. We see basic rights already coming under intense pressure and are concerned to see that space for civil society groups to safely organize and operate is quickly diminishing. The potential humanitarian consequences for already vulnerable groups, particularly those in conflict affected areas across the country, are incredibly worrying.

We have worked in solidarity with and in support of our civil society partners in Myanmar for the past two decades. We remain as committed as ever to continuing this collective work in support of the rights and resilience of communities. Everyone should be able to live their life in safety, to be able to influence decision that impact them, and to live free from poverty.

We call on all parties to refrain from violence and to respect human rights, including the freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and access to information. Those living in conflict areas and in other vulnerable situations need particular support and protection at this time. A peaceful resolution to the crisis is needed now and every effort should be urgently made toward making this a reality. The people of Myanmar need nothing less.”

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