Breaking Through Her Challenges

Women Leaders Profile

Breaking Through Her Challenges
Paper author: 
Oxfam Mekong Water Governance Programe
Paper publication date: 
Friday, July 17, 2020

Oxfam's Mekong Water Governance Program is highly committed to create an enabling environment for women’s participation and leadership in water sector, including promoting gender champions and convening gender dialogues, facilitates the emergence of more women champions and leaders and continues to make them visible.

Developing the profiles of women leaders in the form of pictures with short narratives allowed us to present the feature stories of those women leaders who have made an impact in the areas where they lead at local community, sub-national, national and regional levels. This includes leading in activism, academia, civil society and networking, in government or in research and highlights how women have overcome different challenges and social, economic, structural, and personal barriers they encounter and how they are able to become leaders in Water and Natural Resources Governance.